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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad to be with you on this thursday morning. it is august 2. good morning, i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get a check on the weather with meteorologist adam caskey. >> it is a comfortable start to the day. temperatures in the 60's right now in the shenandoah valley. low 70's around the beltway typical. 72 in arlington. 69 in, 64 in winchester. berkeley springs at 63 degrees. 93 per day for the high temperature. it will be hot and sunny. we will be rain frite-free on thursday. >> no major problems around the beltway. interstate travel starts off pretty well. they changed the traffic pattern on the beltway at university boulevard. both loops.
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two lane divide to the left and two to the right around long- term construction in the center. you still have the same amount of lanes. let's go to virginia on the highway. not much happening in rosslyn. google ballston. quiet at the pentagon. not that across the potomac river. now to news. >> we want to update the breaking news that's happening in the tulsa, oklahoma, area. if a large refinery fire is actually a tanker on fire at a refinery outside tulsa, west of the arkansas river. it has been burning since 2:00 this morning, so about three hours. no reports of any injuries. we will keep an eye on that. >> what could've been a disaster at reagan national airport, federal investigators looking into how three planes came close to colliding tuesday afternoon. john gonzalez joins us live the
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airport with the very latest. >> this morning, u.s. airways said its working with the faa to investigate this near collision at reagan national airport involving three commuter jets similar to the ones that you see behind us. these were carrying about 200 passengers on tuesday afternoon when air-traffic controllers cleared to build the planes for take off while a third plane was landing on the same flight path. the planes were reportedly 12 seconds apart when the controller and the dollar realized the mistake and quickly ordered one plane to make an abrupt turn. the airline changed traffic flow due to bad weather. travelers are reacting this morning. >> you have to remember that people make mistakes. that is part of the problem we will always have. it has happened to me. we were landing and had to take off again because they were
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crowding the runway. these things do occur. it is frightening. >> this morning the faa says it is investigating and will appropriately address the miscommunication at the airport tuesday afternoon. faa held a similar investigation about a year ago when a controller inside the same tower at fell asleep. reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7. >> and antonio international airport had a different kind of scared. a bumpbomb threat prompted an evacuation yesterday. >> someone called to say that explosives had been left in the parking garage. no suspicious items were found during the search. the airport was reopened after about two and a half hours. >> still no answers. it was on this day to your door frederick county woman vanished while on vacation in aruba. we are hearing from robyn gardner's family for the poorest
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time about the struggle for answers. jummy olabanji has more on the mystery in aruba. >> robyn gardner's family and friends gathered last night in frederick, maryland, for a vigil. they say they have not given up hope they will get the answers and the closure they need. one year after the disappearance of their daughter, sister, and friends, those who knew robin gardner say the case is no closer to being solved and it was near the beginning. >> we would hope to get closure and some answers to help the grieving process. >> we really wanted answers. that's the other reason we are here. >> she disappeared during to go on trip to aruba. the police search has ended. her family says they have never given up hope despite the lack of clues. >> we hope she is still out there and will come home. >> i feel she is alive and somewhere to be found. i feel her presence. >> the name gary giordano was not mentioned.
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these the maryland man robyn gardner was on vacation with when she vanished. he did not report her missing until two hours after she allegedly disappeared. authorities in aruba say that he is the single suspect although he says he has nothing to do with it. gary giordano was held for months in a jail in aruba but was released in november last year for lack of evidence. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> on the campaign trail today president obama speaking with supporters in florida and in northern virginia about its plan to help the economy. he will make several stops in orlando, florida, this afternoon before heading to leesburg, virginia, tonight. he will speak at a campaign rally at loudoun county high school at 8:00 tonight. the tickets were distributed earlier in the week. the president's presumed challenger plans to campaign today in colorado. romney is finalizing plans for
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multistate bus tour. he is expected to visit virginia, north carolina, and florida. an announcement expected soon on who is going to be his running mate. 5:05, 72 degrees. >> former penn state coach jerry sandusky responding to penalties issued to the school's football program.
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>> cleanup begins today in connecticut after 5 inches of rain caused flash floods. a parking lot in a cosmetology center buckled under the pressure of yesterday's rain. most of the parking lot to washed away. dozens of people had to be evacuated from two apartment buildings. the governor says crews will go out to look at the structural integrity of dams and bridges throughout the state. >> let's get a check of the forecast with adam caskey. full moon is beautiful. i was just pointed comments on on that pier it very bright. the full moon dust at around 6:30 a.m., so get outside before then. 76 right now in the district, 70 in gaithersburg and dulles airport, 76 in quantico. mid 60's in the shenandoah
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valley and the potomac highlands. 64 in winchester, 69 in hagerstown. 93 for the high temperature in the district. low to mid 90's pretty much everywhere across the board. 95 in stafford and culpeper. in west virginia, 91 in hagerstown. slight chance of storms this -- by late tomorrow. better chance on a weekend in the afternoon hours. >> we don't have any major problems to report. they've changed the traffic pattern on the beltway at university boulevard in both directions. long-term construction in the center. it is a little easier now, so i think you'll like it. connecticut avenue has a minor crash reported. everything working in your favor in virginia. broken down tractor-trailer heading onto 95 northbound coming out of fredericksburg,
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but you can get around. this is upstream in springfield, this picture. >> 5:00 tonight now, 73 degrees. >> an update on the most severe drought in the u.s. in 25 years. how many counties have been declared disaster zones because of the widespread shortage of rain.
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could the man at the center of the penn state child sex abuse scandal is speaking about the sanctions imposed on the football program. jerry sandusky's lawyer said that his client is distraught over the penalties and says it's ridiculous to think penn state administrators engaged in a cover-up. sandusky was convicted of child sex abuse charges in june. his lawyer says that he still maintains his innocence. >> there are signs the jackson family feud is starting to end. katherine jackson's lawyer expected to file legal documents to determine the living arrangements of michael jackson's three children. their cousin tito has been named her guardian. the family is calling for a truce. >> a major recall by toyota. 778,000 rav-4 suv's and lexus
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sedans. model years 2006 to 2007 for the suv. 2010 lexus sedans. >> disaster zones because of the widespread drought. >> the harsh conditions could force food prices to surge as much as 4.5% next year. now more. >> the u.s. department of agriculture declared disaster zone designations for an additional 218 counties in a dozen states on wednesday now at a 50% mark in the u.s. the devastating drought has spread across the corn belt and will contribute to rising food prices. " this is about as well bad as it was in 1936.
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>> there were bad patches in 1988 and 2005. >> there were not as bad as this year. >> tulsa, oklahoma, is begging residents to conserve water. it's not mandatory for now. >> please voluntarily conserve water immediately. >> parts of canada are suffering. from suffering. a chef says barry'erries are in short supply. >> year using some frozen blackberries. >> fresh fruits and vegetables cost up to 20% more. >> some local producers are telling us we can expect definite bikes in prices towards the end of the summer. >> following breaking news at this hour. this coming from china in the northeast region. a teenager has killed eight
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people and wounded five others in. a knife in >>-- in a knife attack. >> no details on the ages of the victims. eight people dead and five more injured. a chinese teenager is to blame. time to check in with adam caskey for the forecast on this thursday morning. >> it's going to be hot and sticky. you will notice the humidity. but i don't have any storms in the forecast today. >> we have not had rain in a while. -- we have not had that in a while. >> in the upper left side of your screen and oakdale high school we did find a full moon. that will set shortly after 6:30 a.m. i will put that into a time
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lapse. you can see bright stars as well. it is 67 in ijamsville. it's a little foggy especially northwest of washington. visibilities reduced if some of the valley is out west. martinsburg has a visibility of 1.8 miles. unlimited at reagan national. 6 miles at dulles. 4 miles in manassas. not very dense fog, but something to keep in mind. the 76 degrees downtown at reagan national, 64 in winchester and frederick, 70 in manassas. not much in terms of clouds to start the day. clear and sunny. a beautiful sunrise. you will notice the humidity. no showers anywhere near the washington area with the exception of offshore. that will remain offshore throughout the day. 93 degrees at 4:00 p.m. it will be even hotter tomorrow. we will start the day tomorrow in the '70s. highs around 95 with a 20%
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chance of lateday storms tomorrow. i think we will see more action on the weekend. chance of storms late in the day saturday through monday. that's a look at the weather. now look at the roads with lisa. >> marc rail, drv reporting trains on normal service and moving on time and at speed. we are quiet as far as the beltway. even with a change in the traffic pattern at university boulevard on the inner loop and outer loop, lane divide into the left hand to the right. looks good across the wilson bridge to the american legion. uncomplicated through springfield and tysons. looks good on 66 and 95 and moving at speed is 395 between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. we will have newschopper 7 coming up in a little while, so stick around. back to you. >> thank you. twitter now measuring feelings about president obama and his rival. >> sunny hostin has more.
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>> protecting children online. the federal trade commission wants tighter rules on how web sites collect and use personal information they collect from kids. it says the current law is outdated. it took affect four years before. facebook even before google now works with more credit cards. until now the patent application only worked with citibank mastercard staff and a certain type of telephone from sprint. now any card will work, but the types of telephones are still limited. amazon is after some business going to itunes and netflix. the kindle fire had been the only tablet that could use the company's instant video service but no longer. twitter will update results every evening about how people feel about the two presidential candidates.
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cooks just going to try to make plays for the team and give my best effort. >> the wide receiver for the redskins is not concerned with who is the no. 1 receiver or the no. 1 quarterback. he had a long touchdown pass in practice yesterday. if they are scoring touchdowns, it's a good thing. >> rg3 yesterday had an interception yesterday. >> here is tim brant. >> the national jumped on the phillies early last night. the phillies are playing with a purpose now. let's go back downtown. first inning, bases loaded for adam laroche. takes the pitch back up the middle. bryce harper scores easily. everybody moves up a base.
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the nationals got a lead early. jimmy rollins get scrunchcrunching. the phillies beat the nationals, 3-2. the marlins and the braves they beat the braves, 4-2. miami scored three in the first. the braves lose. the national ski a lead in the east -- the nationals keep a lead in the east. data today. >> we will give you a chance to attend the montgomery county fare without having to pay a penny for a ticket. >> go to our facebook page and sign up for the contest. if the winner will receive ride wristband and $25 to spend on fair foods and four passes. if you share it with friends on
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, far from smooth flights at reagan national airport. federal investigators learned how three planes came close to colliding in the air. good morning, washington. it's thursday, august 2. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. we will have details in a few minutes. first, adam caskey has a look at our thursday forecast. >>
5:30 am
we will have a bright sunshine. prepare for the heat again, but three are not talking to triple digits. we will be in the 90's the next couple days. 76 now when the district along the potomac, 64 in martinsburg and winchester. 68 in cumberland. 93 this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. with sunshine. patrick fairweather clouds developing. average high is 88. sunrise at 6:11. in the seventies tonight. a few degrees warmer tomorrow than today. now to lisa. >> volume increasing, but still moving at a pretty good pace still moving270. travel times working for us in virginia. 95 in 395. in good shape is 66. no accidents out of manassas to get into vienna. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. if newschopper 7 will join us in a little while. >> are big story, confusion
5:31 am
nearly leading to disaster at reagan national airport. u.s. airways and the faa want to know how the three planes came so close to colliding in mid-air tuesday afternoon. john gonzalez is live of the airport with the latest developments. the planes were seconds away from disaster. >> u.s. airways says this morning that it's working with the faa to investigate this near mid-air collision at reagan national involving three commuter jets similar to the ones you see behind us. the jets were carrying about 200 passengers tuesday afternoon when an air traffic controller cleared the two planes for take off while a third plane was landing on the same flight path. the planes were reportedly 12 seconds apart when a controller in the tower realized the mistake and quickly ordered one of the planes to make an abrupt turn. moments earlier the airport changed traffic flow due to bad weather. the faa is currently investigating. they say they will take
5:32 am
appropriate action to address the miscommunication tuesday afternoon. about a year ago at reagan, the faa conducted an investigation after a controller in the same tower fell asleep. reporting live, john gonzalez abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. friends and family still searching for answers a year after a maryland woman went missing in aruba. >> we just pray for robyn for the answers we need and for closure. >> that was robin gardner's mother, speaking publicly for the first time in frederick last night at a vigil. a year ago today her daughter disappeared while snorkeling. her body has not been found. her travel companion gary giordano of gaithersburg is the main suspect but he has not been charged with a crime. a man will be sentenced today in
5:33 am
connection with a deadly drunk driving accidents in alexandria. victor aldana was convicted in june of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 8-year-old brian chavez. the boy and his mother were walking on duke street last january when his car jumped a curb and struck them. he had a blood alcohol level of almost twice the legal limit. >> there's a report about the suspected shooter in the colorado movie theater massacre. whether the university james holmes attended could have or should have taken accaction. >> questions about whether there were warning signs before he carried out the massacre. a psychiatrist who was treating him at the university of colorado was a key member of the school. assessment team. the documents show that she wrote the university of's policy
5:34 am
on threat assessments. she notified other members of the team about concerns about his behavior. but three days after he purchased an assault weapon, a ph.d. student suddenly told the university he was quitting. the larger the assessment team never had a formal meeting and never intervened thinking they had no control over him once he left. experts say that his exit should of been a red alert. >> i think that is a signal that you should intensify your efforts and not walk away. most well trained opera assessment teams would have gone into action. >> -- most well-drained threat assessment teams. >> many wonder if the tragedy
5:35 am
could of been prevented. >> investigators are frustrated after a man suspected of planning a shooting rampage at his old job was only charged with misdemeanor. neil prescott is charged with misusing a telephone. he made the threat against the capitol heights business in a phone call with a former co- worker. although guns and ammunition were found in his home, prosecutors say their hands are tied because it's not illegal to make threats over the phone and maryland. it is 73 degrees. >> learn how's public service commission -- learn how d
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> i'm at the phillips collection. join us for great coffee and great art. >> good morning, washington. >> it's 5:38 right now. >> medstar2 adam caskey to find out what's in store. >> -- let's talk to adam caskey. >> i have a hankering for some pizza. 69 degrees in centreville, 72 in northwest, 71 in oxon hill, 70
5:39 am
in germantown. we will have a bright sunshine with a few clouds. not a big deal. and expecting showers or storms today, contrary to the past couple days. 93 expected for the high temperature in the district. 91 in romney. 95 in culpeper. 95 in stafford with bright sunshine. you will feel the humidity today. even warmer tomorrow, mid to upper 90 tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy conditions. hazy, hot and humid. 20% chance of a late-day storm. better chance in the afternoon saturday through monday. now to lisa baden. >> the commute looks pretty good as far as 270 70, 95 in and out of baltimore. in good shape is 95 virginia between springfield and fredericksburg. no problems on 66. in good stead through falls church moving well around the beltway. marc rail, vre reporting normal
5:40 am
service systemwide. if connecticut avenue at aweller rd, the signal is dark. that meansit's very quiet out of frederick into montgomery county. back to you. >> thank you. 5:40. \ president obama expected to discuss his plan to grow the economy when he campaigns today. he will make several stops in orlando, this afternoon before heading to leesburg, virginia, tonight. he will speak at a campaign rally at loudoun county high school at 8:00 and you should already have your ticket. mitt romney will head to colorado today. he will reach out to voters. is finalizing plans for multistate bus tour. he is expected to visit virginia, north carolina, and florida. an announcement is expected soon on who will be his running mate.
5:41 am
>> the d.c. public service commission is trying to get the sec to stop arising from charging a fee to residential customers. the sec is allowing verizon to charge the fee to recover certain reduced revenues. thedcm says that virginia customers are currently exempt from that fee. >> a disturbing story in south carolina. what police are saying about a man accused of pouring bleach into dialysis machines. >> more reasons to watch
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>> coming up at 6:00, before gregg williams was busted, some former redskins defenders accused him of running a bounty program in washington. we have the results of the nfl investigation.
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>> and find out what it takes to spin the wheel of fortune. a miniature version of it. the process is the same. >> a college student who survived a drive off of a cliff tells us how this happened. coming up at 6:00. police believe they may have found the person of interest in a fatal hit and run in herndon that we talked about yesterday. one woman was struck and killed on center street early yesterday morning. hours later, police listed her husband as a person of interest, fitsum gebretatios. police found a man's body near the scene of accident yesterday afternoon. they are trying to determine if he was the driver involved in the crash. he did not have identification on him at the time. >> anyone driving in the district d.c. police have 11 new speed cameras across the city. the cameras will issue warnings until september 3.
5:46 am
then police will issue tickets. the cameras will make streets safer according to police. but critics say it's a pool to make more money. experts to a discount executive rushern baker says his wife is suffering from early onset alzheimer's disease. he made the announcement in a letter to the media and supporters. he says that his wife's illness will not affect his ability to serve and that she will continue her ceremonial responsibilities. the couple has been married 26 years. >> 7 is on your side with. was now virus season got off to an early start this year. the cdc says throughout the end of july, 241 new cases were reported in 22 states, most of them in texas. the mild winter, early spring, and hot summer have boosted the breeding of the mosquitos. >> there's a new local development in the chick-fil-a controversy. local religious leaders standing
5:47 am
up for their beliefs if that marriage should be between a man and woman. yesterday was chick-fil-a appreciation day. people showed their support for the company posted position against same-sex marriage. some local pastors are outraged that the d.c. mayor vincent gray posted a tweet against the chain and they want him to apologize. >> persons who have a different view of this issue should respect my right to differ in opinion, particularly based upon my religious convictions. >> tomorrow, supporters of gay marriage are planning a same-sex kiss-in at chick-fil-a restaurants across the country. >> a former illinois police officer's file. drew peterson opposing the lawyer is seeking a mistrial after several blunders in the case that he killed his ex-wife. he is also a suspect in the 2007
5:48 am
disappearance of his fourth wife stacy peterson. >> a bond hearing set today for man accused of breaking into a clinic and pouring bleach into water used by dialysis machines. this happened last month in west columbia south carolina. donald foster was arrested yesterday and charged with attempted murder and second- degree burglary. he is a clinic employee recently suspended. employees discovered to the bleach before any of the machines were used. a woman is free on bond after crashing her suv into a convenience store in texas. scary video. the crash was caught on surveillance video. it was alcohol-related. the lucky person right there in the red shirt. the only person inside was that employee. he was rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> unbelievable. >> a crazy situation in texas on the south side of houston. d.c.a police chase involving
5:49 am
a smart car. the driver took off and police ended up following him. he kept going. he ended up in a residential neighborhood after leaving the highway. he drove all the way back home and police arrested him in his own driveway. neighbors said they had no idea why the guy would have done that that he was a nice neighbor. he was 6 feet tall, 250 pounds and how did he fit in that car to begin with? >> he was having a bad day. the pentagon's missile defense agency calling out its workers for inappropriate online behavior at work. >> and an angry yahoo! user is suing the company. now ellen braitman. >> yahoo! is being sued over last month's hacking attack that affected 450,000 accounts where usernames and passwords were stolen.
5:50 am
one user now has filed a complaint in san jose federal court saying that young who inadequately protected his personal information. he wants the company to compensate him as well as other users. the pentagon's missile defense agency is warning employees and contractors to stop using government computers to surf the internet for pornography. the executive director says government workers and contractors have been found to be engaging in inappropriate use of the network. he says not only is it unprofessional and takes away from designated duties, but it can compromise the security of the network by introducing mel where or viruses. this is the agency responsible for upgrading missile programs. ellen braitman reporting for abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. one kitten may have used one of his nine lives. >> the kids and was rescued yesterday after being trapped for days in a sewer pipe in
5:51 am
ontario. people heard it crying sunday night but could not figure out where the sound was coming from. the workers were able to zero in on this or finally. there were able to flush it from the source and they gave him the nickname drain no. . that's >> a man in arkansas had an interesting experience with a bull. the animal damage to a patrol car when it tried to mate with a man who was leading the animal against the yard. he pinned the man. fortunately, the animal lost interest and walked away. no one was injured except for perhaps the man's ego. >> that's a little much before breakfast. >> a tough situation. adam caskey has the forecast. >> he was lucky to escape that incident.
5:52 am
a full moon outside early this morning. i will show you that from ijamsville. here's a picture from my twitter friend in dumphries yesterday from around sunset. she captured the thunderstorm in the distance right before the lightning. at least she was safe. here's a look at the moon on the left side of your screen in ijamsville. it is setting right now. it sets about 15 minutes from now. you can see that on the western horizon early this morning. and it's a little foggy. still fairly dark outside. ocean city yesterday, over an inch of rain. centerville, virginia, just under an inch of rain yesterday from a couple downpours. martinsburg picked up over a half-inch. ijamsville a third of an inch of rain yesterday. today i think we will be dry. we had downpours the past couple
5:53 am
days. we will have a good amount of sunshine with scattered clouds. 76 in the district, 66 in manassas, a 64 degrees in winchester. no clouds to speak of except for brown fraud, especially in the shenandoah valley. -- no clouds except for ground fog. highs will make it to 93 at 4:00 p.m.. average high is 88. 95 tomorrow with a very slight chance of a lateday storms on friday. better chance of storms for the second half of the day on saturday sunday, and monday. >> newschopper 7 flying over the beltway in montgomery county. in greenbelt there was a crash on the inner loop in moat kenilworth avenue that's now gone. we're looking at construction on the beltway at university boulevard. two lanes to the left and two to
5:54 am
the right on both sides of the beltway. it's pretty easy. it is easier than it was when we have three to to the left and one lane to the right. that's at university boulevard on the beltway. it is in your favor right now. back to you. >> thank you. 5:54, 73 degrees. >> a recap of day five of the competition in london.
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>> welcome back. a little drama threatening competition at the olympic games with an upset and more athletes earning more gold medals. >> and a scandal involving badminton. >> it was not supposed to happen. beach volleyball gold medalist kerry walsh ken jennings and misty may-treanor vowed not to lose a single set in london. but they did in a preliminary match against austria and wednesday night. that's the first time they have lost in three olympics, but they went on to win in three sets and advanced to the knockout round. u.s. women's basketball team outscored 1389-58. rebecca soni is america posing next best gold medal hope. the swimmers at a world record in the breast stroke semifinals on wednesday, setting the bar high for thursday's final.
5:58 am
the women's swam for gold in the 200 meter freestyle relay. nathan adrian took the gold in the men's freestyle. american cyclist kristin armstrong scored his second gold medal. the 38-year-old finished 15 seconds ahead of anyone else in the time trial. fourplayers from china south korea, and indonesia in badminton deliberately tried to probe matches in hopes of receiving more favorable placement and were picked out of the games. >> china is in the lead with 30 metals. the u.s. has 29. china has 17 gold and the u.s. has a dozen gold medals. japan in third place with 17 overall followed by france and germany with 13 each. >> americans winning a medal get
5:59 am
a cash award from the u.s. olympic committee of tens of thousands of dollars. senator marco rubio of florida does not want them to pay taxes on that. introduced a bill yesterday that would exempt them from the taxes. his office calls the tax is ridiculous and said that success should be celebrated. >> the money is not following it for some other big names in sports. >> jose canseco filed for bankruptcy protection in nevada. the 48-year-old has less than $21,000 in assets and $1.7 million in liabilities including a half million owed to the irs. is money troubles have been mentioned on of the age wvh1 reality show that his ex-wife is on. >> evander holyfield is auctioning off his bronze medal championship rings, and his 1962 chevrolet corvette.


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